Come see the Plan Nine Skate Team perform two demos on Friday, June 12th starting at 6pm.  Plan Nine will set up its mobile ramp course outside of the Splash City Waterpark in Collinsville, IL as part of a fundraising event for a local skatepark project.  Best of all, after the demo $5 gets you into the water park for a Battle of the Bands and a chance to surf against the Plan Nine Skate Team on the Flowrider (did I mention that none of the team has never been on the Flowrider before?).  For more info check out Splash City Waterpark.

If you’ve never heard of or seen a Flowrider before you should come check it out.  It’s a simulated wave that can be surfed or body boarded.  There’s only a handful of them in the country and we’re lucky enough to have one right here in the metro area.
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