Come join us for the first ever Plan Nine All Nighter! On Friday, August 14th, Plan Nine Skatepark will offer you the chance to spend the night at the park and skate or ride all night long. As well as skating we’ll have plenty of other activities including dodge ball, basketball, foot down, S.K.A.T.E., and much more. Johnny Lomax from 105.7 the Point will be out from 10pm-Midnight for an official Pointfest Pit Stop, skate against him to win tickets, t-shirts and more. The whole night is only $25 and includes free pizza at midnight! Don’t miss this!
What: Plan Nine All Nighter
Where: Plan Nine Skatepark
When: August 14th, 10pm – August 15th, 7am
Who: Must be over the age of 7 and here to skate/ride (no one just hanging out)
Why: It’s like spending the night at your best friends house except your best friend lives in a 35k sq. ft. skatepark!!!!!!

Need more info? Check the F.A.Q.s here.

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