Progress Your Skills

If you want to get better at what you do, Plan Nine Ramp Camp is the place for you.  Our instructors will spend time with you in groups and one on one to make sure you are learning new skills and progressing the way you want to.  Each camp includes mandatory instruction so parents know they are getting what they paid for and participants will undoubtedly learn plenty of new things.  Take a look at  A Day in the Life of a camper to see what the instruction schedule is and check out the instruction page to learn about our method.

The Right Fit

We have Ramp Camp at many different times throughout the year so you can find the camp that fits your schedule.  We have week long camps all summer, day long “Power Camps” during most holidays, holiday break camp in the winter and other camps throughout the year.  Feel free to fall in love with Plan Nine Ramp Camp because camp is never far away.  See our camp schedule page for all the dates that are available.

Best Value for your Dollar

When you add all that you get when you sign up for Plan Nine Ramp Camp you will quickly find that it is the best value at the park.  Each camp comes with instruction, free skate, hot lunch, and plenty of free time, all bundled into one low price.  A day at camp typically only costs a little more than an all day session pass.

Be Safe

Feeling safe is always a big part of being able to progress.  Our staff knows how to teach you the things you want to learn in a safe way so you can enjoy camp instead of watching from the sidelines.  We take safety beyond the park floor and ensure that all campers at Ramp Camp are in a safe environment at the park and parents feel comfortable dropping them off for the day with us.

Have Fun

Fun, it’s the number on reason to come to camp and it’s the reason kids always come back.  We push you to learn new skills but we do it in a way that is fun.  Between the friends you make, the tricks you learn, and the shear amount of time you’ll be at the park, FUN is the one word we hear more than any other when describing Plan Nine Ramp Camp.