The reason we started Ramp Camp at Plan Nine Skatepark was because we wanted to help kids progress at what they love to do.  We know how much more fun it is to be good at something and how much more you can get out of it.

Camp is organized by Plan Nine Skatepark owner Casey Otto who had previously been camp director at Just Ride Skatepark in Anderson, IN, a full time BMX instructor at Woodward Camp in PA, and a Level II Certified Snowboard Instructor from the AASI-Rocky Mountain.  All this experience has given him the ability to set up high quality instruction and train camp instructors to deliver the same high quality instruction.

Camp is days are broken into group instruction, individual instruction, and free skate.  Each segment is designed to ensure that each camper has access to the type of instruction that fits them best.

Group Instruction – Each morning of camp starts with group instruction.  We separate campers by sport, age, and ability level to ensure they are comfortable and riding within their abilities.  The small groups combine instructor led practice with the group dynamic to help portray the many different styles that people learn.

Private Instruction – This is one on one with an instructor.  For some this is the best way to learn anything.  It allows the instructor to cater his teaching style to exactly what that camper needs.  Depending on what each camper is working on there may be many opportunities to work one on one with instructors during camp.

Free Skate – Some campers just need a low pressure environment to get the most out of themselves.  We offer lots of time to skate outside of instruction but the instructors are always there offering hints, tricks, and exercises to help nudge even the shyest campers towards progress.