Tony Hawk and the Birdhouse Team will be at Plan Nine Skatepark!

Come watch the Birdhouse Team including Tony Hawk, Jaws, Clive Dixon, Willy Santos and more. 

Tony will visit Plan Nine Skatepark on August 13th at 4pm for a demo and skate session with everyone from Birdhouse Skateboards.  

This is your chance to see some of today's top skaters and industry legends, including Tony Hawk.

Sessions will be $15 (plus tax) and get you in to the park all day and on the course to watch the Birdhouse Team demo.  Spectators are welcome and are free of charge.  Bring the whole family and see some amazing skateboarding!

Demo starts at 4pm and will be 45-60 minutes.    Skateboards only (no bikes, scooters, etc.).  $15 applies to all skaters and covers the entire day on the park floor, no coupons or memberships.  Free to watch.

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2 Responses to Tony Hawk and Birdhouse Team Demo at Plan Nine

  1. Autumn says:

    Do you rent bikes and safety equipment to be used?

    • Casey Otto says:

      We do rent bikes and rental gear. Bike rentals are $20 a session and safety gear is $3 for a helmet, $2 for elbow or knee pads and $6 for all three.

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